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Your Privacy is Sacred

Your privacy is sacred.

Privacy is everyone’s concern. Our visitors’ and clients are precious to us.
How a company handles the data you share speaks to values they hold.

Our values hold privacy, integrity and honesty as top priorities, especially when
handling your information. You can judge a company’s ethics by the
promises they make and keep to their constituents.

Positive Potentials Promise

Positive Potentials will never sell any lists that include your information
or bombard you with spam or useless information. You have a choice
to opt-out at any time.

Comfort and safety are the hallmarks of our coaching values associated with
emotional intelligence. Our client-centric focus holds a safe, non-judgmental
space for our website visitors and clients.

Thank you for trusting us. You can count on us to “do the right thing!”
Michelle cares about your privacy.

Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC
Founder, Positive Potentials LLC