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Our credentialed, formally trained, and experienced team aligns to serve you. Whether you’re a corporate executive or small business owner, our experience converges to provide you pragmatic choices to accelerate  your performance and results. with powerful assessment and training tools like EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence) and Entrepreneur EDGE™ Scales.

“The one with the shortest learning curve LEADS!™”

How we shorten your learning curve . . .

We apply the latest neuro-brain science learning strategies and research to present information into easy to absorb data nuggets.

A seasoned business analyst and award-winning, formally trained-certified business coach and accomplished author, Michelle links performance and results to how well companies learn-Business Literacy™. Her ideas are shared in webinars, speeches and hands-on workshops. “I inspire leaders to manage by values-driven principles.” The company’s mission is to understand, assess and then synthesize the clients’ desired outcomes into a measurable result. Materials are reverse-engineered from the core to create your specific objectives.

“Coaching based on Emotional Intelligence is a profound way to approach life and a career. Through this process, I offer challenging questions that clients haven’t yet asked themselves to advance their goals. My tested methods focus personal and job fulfillment while it raises performance, reduces turnover, and increases purposeful action. Together, we shine a spotlight on your future and guide you toward it. As a certified State Examiner, based on Baldrige Quality Principles, I embed performance and growth objective strategies into each project.

“My experience as an organizational facilitator, behavior analyst, dynamic entrepreneur, and accomplished writer is brought to each engagement. It is time to inspire multi-dimensional leaders to lead by example with clear values that affect the company culture. Positive Potentials’ LLC award-winning brand marketing, entrepreneurial development, and corporate communications expertise are forged from these principles.

Multiple capabilities change your perspective.Positive Potentials LLC is an outcome-based, business consulting and coaching practice led by Michelle Cubas, Enterprise Business Analyst & Certified Coach, Certified Behavior & Values Analyst (CPBA, CPVA). Ted Cubas is our finance director and business Spanish translation specialist.

The company’s proprietary Business Literacy™ approach establishes Positive Potentials as a catalyst for humanistic change in the contemporary work-o-sphere™.

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Professional & Team Development 100%
Emotional Intelligence Enrichment 100%
Intellectual Capital Development & Editorial Services 100%
Innovative ``Containers`` & Structures for Your Ideas 100%

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