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About Us—It’s personal; business is personal.

Communicate without speaking, personally and professionally—It’s personal. That’s how you must connect to others’ emotions.

Personal behavior (action) and attitude are the cornerstones for building a significant life and career. Anyone who overlooks the personal connection does not understand social media either.

The advantage my clients gain is the measuring stick they create during our first two sessions. They become conscious of how they carry it with them as a constant reminder of their definition of success, not someone else’s bright idea for them.

The business secret advantage is to be memorable

People remember how they feel when they leave your presence, when they hang up the phone, and when they pay your fees! By investing in themselves, clients estimate their own value. Through coaching, clients engage with their own value as well—That’s part of our relationship.

“Who am I?”

This is a core coaching question.

What do The Dalai Lama and I have in common when asked what we do?

Answer: We DO nothing. It is in the being with the client that makes the difference.

My executive and entrepreneurial coaching services and assessments are available to support the personal interaction I establish with my clients. The practice is influenced by my training and life’s experience I’d like to share with you.

As a USO performer, I entertained all branches of the armed forces from as far north as Greenland, then Labrador, Newfoundland, Iceland and London, England. I absorbed the power of relationships when a soldier sat in the first row tearing up when I sang a ballad he thought was just for him.

Years later, I was blessed with three more children; this time I inherited them with my marriage to Ted. Once again, culture and humor shaped our family ties. My girls, Lilette and Elaine (twins) and Christine, have gifted me with unconditional love, generous sons-in-law, not to mention the gorgeous grandchildren!

Our holiday celebrations rival reality TV!

What is personal shapes us with unique qualities

These areas of my life shaped me and forged my core values and sensitivities:

My children are my most influential teachers. 
Bright and ferociously active, my daughter exhibited learning disabilities and slow motor coordination from 18 months old. She was bright as the sun on so many issues. Yet, I had to engage her with eye contact in order to spill in the conversation. To communicate with her, I could never rely on remote vocal command. I had to look into her beautiful, chocolate soda eyes and impart my message. She taught me patience and persistence as she adapted her skills to overcome some obstacles. Stacey is a master negotiator! She knows personal marketing and uses her love of people to share experiences.

This experience laid the foundation for my professional understanding of what communication is I learned the power of connection and engagement from my daughter Stacey.

My son Adam gave me generosity and feedback. He was eager to please and was transparent, no agenda. Also, Adam had an eagle eye for detail and the big picture. Today, Adam is a creative professional videographer today and works from his passion. He travels the world with famous entertainers to document their tours and performances. It was already there. He shares my love of music, and both kids chastise me for not chasing my singing career.

Life is so different when we view from behind our children’s eyes. My clients appreciate that from me today.

Yet, I have fond memories and realized my singing experience was training for me to address auditoriums filled with people with the confidence to know I had something to share with them, to pay the audience homage for wanting to be with me.

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