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Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Finally, we’ve identified “common sense”—It IS emotional-intelligence.

Enjoy my recently published article in Training Industry Magazine. The topic relates Influence is B.L.I.S.S. to leadership and how influence encourages recognition and power with self-aware behavior.

Emotional-intelligence Life Skills are essential for success

This innovative force in the workplace provides coach and client with a positive, productive language to advance career and personal choices.

Drs. Stein and Book, Emotional-Intelligence pioneers, define Emotional-Intelligence as follows:
“A constellation of abilities that help us deal with our emotions and those of others.” (The EQ Edge, Drs. Stein and Book) We will add more of these insights in this space

Emotional-intelligence is your compass about where you stand in a situation and how you can perceive others emotions.

Comic example of balance wheel Emotional-Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence success can be observed. how well people cope with environmental demands and one’s ability to assess where we are in time and space. In essence, it is a personal metric of relativity that can effectively be used in business.

  • It is a premiere tool that builds confidence on your existing gifts and talents.
  • It promotes advancement and lifelong learning.
  • It is optimistic and positive about using our strengths and developing untapped areas based on our professional choices.
  • It encourages career shifts and identifies clusters of observable behavior for likely success in a particular field.

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This life skill is closely related to Business Literacy™, Pivotal Thinking, and decision-making.

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