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Who Needs Coaching?

There are many reasons why people want to hire a coach.

Often the quest for a coach begins with finding the query, “Where-you-are-from-where-you-want-to-be” challenge!

Proactively, selecting a coach can be a confidence boost. It feels good to take action and break out of a rut, paradigm, remove a bad habit, a yearning for progress, and infusing new perspectives into an old environment replete with all the moving parts!

Selecting an appropriate certified coach as an ally is reassuring. Coaches are advocates, not fixers.

This selection is a positive step toward achieving one’s goals on the journey to fulfillment.

Often, adapt or die is a perspective with which clients come to coaching. Without being dramatic, I find people resist until forced to make a move. I see how people buy relief, not prevention.

However, once a positive perspective enters a client’s mindset, it dominates. There is good reason for this—the safety and non-judgmental coaching space inspires freedom and an opening for a flow of ideas. This is especially effective when people are “stuck.”

Consider the following: See how you respond to it.

“If there’s no such thing as overwhelm, then what is this rock in the pit of my stomach?”

Here is where we can begin . . . discovery of fear-based actions and behaviors.

Here are many issues my clients grapple with—How about you? Download now.

Within the coaching environment, people seek a strong peak experience or place they want to make the strongest impact.