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VMP Tracks

Now, take the first step—Choose from the initial VMP Tracks:

Select your group topic from A or B below.
Each team members receives a copy of the appropriate study guide.

A. Behavioral Leadership    or    B. Pivotal Thinking

A. Behavioral LeadershipDevelop positive patterns to lead and manage your team.

  • Embed the Emotional Intelligent Leadership principles to boost your leadership style as described by Daniel Golman in Primal Leadership.
  • Be amazed at the changes you can observe in  your team—Witness how managers better engage their staff, team members communicate more clearly, respond to urgent changes, and experience lower employee churn from a fulfilled team of associates.
  • Each team member receives an autographed copy of my co-authored book, Magnetic Leadership. It is an ideal field guide for working with your team.

Recipe for Secret Sauce 

Fulfillment is attainable with the best ingredients!

B. Pivotal Thinking
Critical thinking strategies are critical capacities to make informed decisions. They inspire innovation and self-reliance for optimum performance within an organization.

The VMP environment can be a catalyst for such innovation within your company or small business.

The ability to pivot is not about changing one’s mind. It is more about agility and quick response to a present circumstance that must be assessed quickly. Consider how a basketball player pivots, shifting weight from one foot to another to maintain balance so the player does not fall.
2 women basketball players fancy pivots

Note the balance & pivoting of the feet to change direction.

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The VMP projects emerge from core coaching work with the myriad of leaders and influencers I have had the privilege to serve.

Three Constants Can Bring You Down!

No matter what the circumstance, the industry or market conditions, or “bright, shiny objects” appear, three constants are present in each one:

1. The leader often feels isolated and burdened to produce all the answers to company issues.

2. Although there is a desire to transform the business model, self-limiting behavior can sabotage the planning and implementation of it.

3. Short-term thinking and a lack of real strategic focus undermine any hope of contributing real-time paradigm shifts to transition forward and advance.

Consider this image: Someone’s foot is nailed to the floor and the person continues to circle a center-placed seat with no beginning or end in sight. This is where so many executives find themselves. Circling but afraid to stop.


VMP sessions are divided into two parts: 1.) Form to Function, and 2.) Emotional Intelligence Strategies.

Form to Function—Pivotal Thinking Rules the Day!

Strategic and critical thinking is a habit of thought and can be learned. Often, rigid educational models and misperceptions lock one’s mind. In this VMP, you and your team exercise patterns and learn what  is required in prudent decision making.
Unlock your potential innovative and productive thought to unleash what you need to advance in your career, financial space, and personal relationships.
Decision making

Claim your seat at the table!

Emotional Intelligence is an exciting topic. Mystery surrounds the topic; as coach and VMP facilitator, I demystify it for my participants! It truly is the Secret Sauce of Success.

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