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VMP™—How is it going to help me?

You can finally, honestly say, “It’s all about you!” The VMP™ sessions are built around your expectations and goals.
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What you’ll take away from the VMP™ experience—

When you choose to be a VMP Member, you will be free to explore alternatives to what may plague you now, reduce anxiety, and project a positive perspective toward the future.

Consider what your VMP™ Virtual Mastermind Project status provides—what it means to you! Choose to use your session to work independently with me or with a VMP group—Your choice! The VMP experience is the ultimate in customized interaction.

Whether you are a senior executive mulling over pending decisions, a business owner needing focus, a person transitioning your career, or a recent MBA graduate, you can benefit from how coaching tamps down anxiety and supports your fulfillment vision and goals. Coaching provides focus and attention, often lacking in the work-o-sphere™. You have everything to gain. Schedule today!

Here is how it works with me as your coach by your side:

1. Exploration time
Bring your single issue to the session.

2. Identification time
We will apply details from the exploration time and clearly define the issue and lay down a detailed blueprint to address it.

3. Map time
The last portion of the session is devoted to how you will implement the solutions we explore; so, it’s practical, not theoretical.
You will leave with a detailed written blueprint to share with your team.
Your role will be clearly defined to monitor the progress without the extra work!

What is so special about being a VMP?
This status celebrates your unique position in your world. As a VMP, you will be more effective in all your relationships and position your leadership to all who work with you.

Introduce VMP to your business, office, agency, department, or board. The process is limited to 12 people per VMP Team. (Minimum of five team members. When you have eight or more, one  is complimentary. )
My big challenges are as follows:

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