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Connect to the Power Within

Draw on power within!

Connect to the Power Within

Why coaching works

We all need to be “powered up” in our lives and careers. Commonly referred to as motivation, we learn how to interact with others on the playground and transfer our lifelong lessons into behavior we can use as adults. This is where emotional intelligence propels vital people into fulfilling careers.

By now you’ve likely sought advanced training, higher education, certifications, and used life’s experiences to color your interactions with others. Growing into and expanding our emotional intelligence assures us meaningful personal relations—with family, at work, and in our leadership and management roles.

Likely you’ve used travel and community interactions to expand your awareness of others.

Consider this your place to continuously reignite your curiosity and energy to move forward in your life and make meaningful contributions that matter to you and your community, family, and profession.

Use our proprietary tools to support in new roles or simply refresh a career path— Consider the Business Influences! newsletter or my blog on contemporary business issues (on the site), or engage in our “Snippet Learning” courses in powerful webinars and events through Small Business Coaching Village. These are designed for you.

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