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Managers and Supervisors

Coaching client

Being with a client is why we’re in business.

It takes a special person to be an effective manager. Too often, becoming a manager is a trial by fire!

Yes, you did an exceptional job and you received a promotion. But, that promotion likely didn’t come
with effective training. Managing people is a skill unrelated to being proficient at a task.

That’s where Snippet Learning and the VMP™ Sessions serve most effectively. It builds upon the communication style
of the individual manager and leader so they are most effective in executing a company’s vision.
Knowledge is synthesized into “nuggets” that can be applied instantly.
Managers enjoy the simplicity of the approach and ease of application, especially with all the new things they have to execute.

Here are several ways Positive Potentials LLC can serve you:

We offer these and more custom areas for managerial development:
-Executive neuro-function training for mastery in your industry.
-Individual coaching to support your progress and inspire your best self forward.
-Emotional Intelligence assessment and application so you can lead your staff with confidence and style.
-VMP™—Virtual Mastermind Projects on your custom topic.
-Influence is B.L.I.S.S. model of management is a useful code of conduct.