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Cars at starting line of race.Entrepreneurs are a pack apart. They see the world differently. That is why corporations for the last two decades have encouraged entrepreneurial thinking even within their rigid corporate structures.

Here are several entrepreneurial qualities:

Innovation is not a luxury; the dynamic is how entrepreneurs adapt and create often with limited resources.

Doggedly persistent
High risk tolerance

Count how many you have and can bring to your career.

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Find out how I may have just the perfect resource and assessment strategy and tools for your upcoming projects.

Powerful Tip: Employ the 3-Phase Loop:Implement • Monitor • Adjust

All business, no matter the size, must have a focus on the purpose of the work.

When used in conjunction with the Letter of Authority (below), you have a project management tool that delivers results with all participants on board. No more responses near project end like, “This isn’t what I wanted!” Please share your successful outcomes and I will post here. You may also go to S.O.S. Group on Linked In to post. (Choose group name from the navigation bar and scroll down.)

Welcome to Deb Scott’s Listeners, The Best People We Know program. Listen here for your convenience.Influence is B.L.I.S.S™ is part of Positive Potentials’ Emotional Intelligence training. To learn more, please visit the Resource Center.The B.L.I.S.S. acronym stands for these measurable elements:B=BehaviorL=LeadershipI=InsightsS=StrategyS=ServiceHow you execute these in your day at work, community and home will determine how people perceive you and want to follow you.

Here is the Letter of Authority we discussed. Please let me know how it works for you. Include how it clarified your thinking about projects and everyone’s role in it.

Small business owners are a special class of people. They are invested in their dreams and hope others will see the value in their efforts. They often take a leap of faith to offer products and services, but they do not necessarily know how to “push” them into the huge marketplace including social media and the internet. I sometimes find a  client stumbling block Is a hesitancy to share for fear someone will steal their ideas. On the contrary, by aligning one’s name to an idea, one is more likely to be associated with that idea. That gives the user “traction.”

Why is this important?

If an owner is ever called into court, there is a trail associated with your name. It confirms association with you. Learn about different types of entrepreneurs and where you align with your traits and values. Positive Potentials supports small business owners in this balancing act. We shorten your learning curve™ with leading edge tools and services that boost you to the head of the line! Whether you are collecting Coach Cubas’ Coins, attending Meet the Coach sessions, downloading a Pocket Coach podcast, exchanging ideas on Twitter, Linked In, or Facebook, you always have our attention.Join in so we can exchange ideas and support your business efforts. As always, your input is welcome.


Coach Cubas      PS—Please check out Biz4Vets™ so you  can support our returning service members. Thank you. MC

Taken a customer “pulse check” lately?

If you follow daily news and read signs around town about “We’re Hiring!”, we can begin to feel the uptick in business engagement. Does that mean all businesses are thriving? No.

It means the media is taking a more optimistic angle of the economy. Since we are in a “sound bite” society, the media can influence how consumers and companies respond with courage to hire again.

More than hiring, however, is a need to renew confidence in existing employees and allow wages to increase. These economic issues have layers and cannot be solved with one approach. Stay tuned . . .

In the meantime, see what you think about the following article on optimism. Post your feedback on Twitter and Facebook, hashtag #coachcubas. Thank you.

Optimism at a Two Year High among Small and Mid-sized CEOs, According to New Survey from Vistage


How many times have you found yourself repeating procedures and processes

to your team members? This linked article offers prudent advice to avoid time wasters.


How can being agile serve you?

Find out how Emotional Intelligence measures your capacity for agility.

Try it out here:

1. What makes you lose patience with people?

2. How willing are you to do something with a big payoff but no pay?

3. What is the one trait about yourself you’d like to adjust?

4. When do you get in your own way?

5. What is a major trigger for you to resort to outbursts?

Please copy and paste from here and forward your responses to me here for your complimentary 30-minute coaching session.

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