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Kick off 2017 with a compass

work breakdown structure diagram

Kick off 2017 with a compass

Positive Potentials’ Word for 2017=THRIVE

My best practice is to choose a word for the year and use it to relate our projects to the theme.

To best use the theme I’ve introduced Pivotal Thinking™ as a process—It’s a method to change the way you think about your work and create mastery. When we create mastery, we create confidence. When we pursue our lives with confidence, we break through barriers and achieve our highest purposes.
It was born out of my training of a group of leaders who must be original in their approaches to challenges. Many leaders complained about constant distractions that disrupted their focus. Pivotal Thinking addresses this.

It affects these areas of action:

• Ways of looking at challenges
o Bring at least two new perspectives in writing
o What is the biggest obstacle?
o Who is best able to handle it?

• Chunk ideas down
o Use a WBS to identify the details (add images WBS)

Work breakdown structure diagram

Organize your project with a WBS.

o Prioritize process elements

• Open the field of possibilities away from “group think” and conventional wisdom.
• Contrarian approaches to old issues.
• Find ways to achieve.

Your compass, a year-end wrap assessment

When I work with clients, I encourage them to conduct a year-end wrap assessment from each team associate based on these questions:
1. What went exceptionally well for you this year? The company?
2. Conduct a gap analysis across the enterprise from customer service to packaging. If this is the first one, indicate markers for check up within 60 days.
3. Where were repetitive errors made, e.g. process, systems?
4. What new equipment would serve the company for the next year?
5. What industry certifications would serve our employees to upgrade their skills?

Continue the process—Industry specific questions:
• Name the top-tier industry you are in. E.g. hospitality, sub text may be travel, lodging.
• Who are the top three companies leading your industry?
• What do they do that you would like to?
o What must be in place for you to emulate and add one thing from them?
o How quickly can you implement changes to move forward?
• If budget was not an issue, what is the first change you would implement?

Collect all the reports and assign a half-day to address the responses from each department. The data will be reviewed by another department and receive a report back with feedback and questions.

Finally, all the reports will be summarized after each department has reviewed the responses and given to the leader.

The leader will create a response report and distribute it to the entire team. From the report, the leader can identify key areas that will be focused upon for the year. A mid-term activity will occur to check in on what progress was made. It is up to each department to track their progress.

This type of project removes judgment and calls upon review and revise tactics rather than punitive or unproductive finger pointing.

Of course, this is a loose sketch of what happens. There are forms and guidelines available for companies to use.

If you use my Pivotal Thinking model, please send me the results of your findings. I would be honored to share your results in my ezine, Business Influences!, and support your efforts and questions.

All the best to you and yours in 2017. —MC

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