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Group Coaching Options

 Who Needs Coaching? How Steep Is Your Climb?
Coaching shortens your learning curve™. Expand your reach when coaching with Michelle Cubas, CPCC, ACC.

Coaching teams is a cost-effective way to present new organizational or company ideas.
You’re not alone . . . anymore . . . in your quest for fulfillment.

It’s time—your time to become . . .
Get “unstuck”
Shift your focus
Reinvent yourself
Live your life
Revise your self-talk
Rewrite your mythology™!
This page is dedicated to people who want to lift themselves from mediocrity and “settling”, or living someone else’s idea of who you need to be to be successful:

Recent graduates who need direction
-Job seekers out of work more than six months
People who enjoy the team approach
-Individuals transitioning into retirement
People who cannot afford to retire.
-Parents wanting a fresh perspective
Military personnel wanting to re-enter civilian work market. Check our Biz4Vets program.

People are made to believe obstacles are about money. They couldn’t be s more off base. Like Peter Drucker said ,”The purpose of a business is to create a customer,” the purpose of one’s life and contributions is to create meaning. It cannot be weighed in the accumulation of wealth.

Group Coaching Offers Multiple Benefits:

Everyone hears the same message.
A variety of feedback and input.
Politics is removed having a neutral facilitator.
The audience has an opportunity to hear others’ questions.
The meeting presents a united front by the senior managers.

A Variety of Methods of Coaching and Consulting:

VMP™—Virtual Mastermind Project
Ideal for remote branches and offices
Practical for multiple time zones

P.O.D. Sessions (Select from our topics or introduce your own—link to topics on site)
These are customized around specific topics relative to advancing the company goals.
Easily scheduled via phone or webinar to present updates within the company context.

On-Site Training
Your location, convenient scheduling, with minimal interruption to the business day.Ideally two 1/2 day sessions.
Includes follow up and two coaching sessions per participant post event.

Individual, Private Coaching
Coaching is a perceived perk when introduced as such.
Coaching doesn’t “fix” anything. There are many coaching methods and based on the desired outcome, we select the best track for the person.

Executive Training
Long after receiving an MBA, today’s leaders require a refresher course in social skills they may not have receive earlier in their careers. Positive Potentials relates this training to Emotional Intelligence and the power it brings to leadership. We see the results of the invisible force of “likeability“, or the lag of it, on candidates, business leaders, authors, television personalities and the list goes on!

  • Post executive training, communications dramatically improve (minimum of 40%), behavior changes toward positive models with a reduction in company liabilities like harassment, absenteeism drops (    %) because team members no longer dread coming to work.
  • The outcome produces a solid scaffold framework is designed to improve the existing structures that work. The goal is to head into the future with benefits of learning backed by research.

Board of Director Development—The Art of Governance

  • Refresh attitudes toward our work.
  • Manage risk factors—Avoid pitfalls.
  • Reduce stress through planning.
  • View the Strategic Plan as a container structure.
  • Learn useful, simple tools to smooth the governing process.
  • Establish workplace boundaries.
  • Reduce and avert conflicts of interest.
  • Think strategically—Beyond the task.
  • Tackle “difficult and delicate.”
  • Protect constituents, no shareholders.