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Executive Suite and Senior Officers

When coaching executives, the most common input I hear is how isolated and lonely it can be in the C-Suite. Being a neutral active listener is my role to understand what the executive is seeking. Often the original impetus for coaching is not the issue at all. Once the layers open, we can proceed in the direction of fulfillment beyond the obvious revenue issues.

A bountiful starting point is the Baldrige Quality Principles. Together, we build a platform based on the key seven principles. Then, our strategies emanate from there.

Yesterday is what you used to do. Knowing what to do today is the challenge. The paradigm shift comes when the executive realizes that people are the power tools s/he needs to lead the company to results. These skills are often neglected in the career climb, and this is a key time to refresh the skills using emotional intelligence tools and assessments. They can be applied to the team as well so there is optimum alignment between the executives personal vision and interpretation of the strategic plan, the communication style, and the actions to be created.

The best part is that the executive no longer feels alone. I’m watching the person’s back the entire time!

Here are several resources you may know that I draw upon while coaching:

  • Primal Leadership, Daniel Golman; The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni; Jim Collins’ work, The Goal, and Critical Chain; The EQ Edge; and many more based on the executive’s interests.
  • Guiding foundational truths (Baldrige 7)Baldrige Quality Principles
  • The Art of Governance for Excellence
  • Competence not competitive insights
  • “Nugget Knowledge”™ education—”Snippet Learning”™ for quick insights and results (Use the form below.)
  • Observable Rewards for your ROI.

How you can use Positive Potentials to serve you:

  • Leadership peer-level coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Boost
  • VMP™ Customized Tracks for your and your team leaders
  • Consulting—Strategic direction, plan review
  • Speak the Language of Success™-Audio session
  • Influence is B.L.I.S.S.-An ideal code for effective leadership (Audio session included.)

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